Welcome to the TextLink.Me Method® Intake Quiz. This quiz helps us identify the best type of robot for your situation, the range of support we can offer you, and the number of consulting required for us to help solve your problem.  It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Are you ready?
The following quiz will determine if a custom text-to-web robot can help solve your current problem. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. This will only take about 5 minutes. Click the "Start" button below to discover if the TextLink.Me Method® is right for you.

Excellent choice. What's your name?

Thanks, {{answer_63850461}}. Please type the full name of your business along with its city and state so that we can keep it with your quiz results.

Enter the name of the website that's now causing you the most problems online. If there is more than one, use a comma to separate their names and press enter to proceed with the rest of this quiz, {{answer_63850461}}.

Do you ever feel embarrassed when you need to tell someone to visit your website on the Internet? Or do you find yourself reluctant to tell someone about your business because of what's on page 1 of Google Search?

Okay, here we go, {{answer_63850461}}. Choose the answer that best applies to you and your business. *

Do you have the technical skills, time or resources to manage a web-to-text robot if we set it up for you and teach you how to use it?

(if you don't, that's not a problem. We run lots of robots for our clients short on staff, time, or technical expertise.)
Do you feel you would benefit from controlling how people discover your website online? (As in, keeping prospects off of Google Search.)

Are you interested in an easy way to prevent people you come in contact with from putting your personal or business name into a search engine?

Do you feel you would benefit from gaining control over who reviews your business online?

Do you feel you feel comfortable giving those who demonstrate loyalty to your business a simple but meaningful or useful reward?

Would you like us to evaluate the page(s) you've reported to  see if we can identify anything that might be removable?

We review online profiles for potential removals at no cost to you. However, if your suggestions are successful, you pay a pay-for-performance removal rate of $150 per removed item. This service is only available to registered clients. So when we review your page for possible removals, we'll let you know if you should come on board with us, or not. We're only interested in helping when we're confident our help will make a difference.
Share about your online problem here to get the most out of your free 15 minute consultation. *

Please share any other information that might be helpful  but has yet to be addressed. Tell us things like if you have employees who will be working with you on this problem or anything else you believe might be relevant. If you've established a budget cap for solving this problem now is the time to mention what you have in mind.

There is no word limit here so feel free to type away.

All the information you provide is confidential. If you'd prefer not to comment at this time, just type, "No Comment."
How would you prefer to work with us on solving your problem if your quiz results suggest we can use our text-to-web robots to help you?

We care about your budget. As you know, your initial 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the results of this quiz is free. More lengthy phone consultations require an initial $300 retainer for up to 2 hours of direct, one-on-one support. Email consultations only require a $150 retainer for the same support.

What number should we call you at for your free phone consultation, if we discover the TextLink.Me Method can help you based on your current circumstances?

(If we feel we cannot make a difference in your case, we will email you the outcome of your quiz results.)
Thank you for participating in our Intake Quiz. Expect to receive our answer on what we can do within 7 days. We're all about putting you back in the drivers seat of gaining control over your online reputation in the most efficient way possible. The questions we've asked will help us determine how to best help you.

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